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Our Membership option gives you access to ongoing Employment Support. 


We at Partners in Personalisation CIC understand the level of support required when clients take on the responsibility of employing their own personal assistants / support workers.  We have tailored our services to be as flexible as possible giving each individual client as much support as they want and need. 


We can provide assistance with the following:


  • Preparing Job Descriptions

  • Advertising for vacancies

  • Interview Assistance

  • Supporting Documentation 

  • Statement of Main Terms

  • Employee Handbook


This is just a sample of the support and service we can provide.  Please contact us with your individual requirements.




After one initial meeting with the PiP ladies I felt empowered to get the best out of my sons budget on his behalf, the payroll set up is electronic and has streamlined the whole timesheet process for me.... On their suggestion my support staff use an app on their phones to record their hours which they send electronically to me and I then authorise and send to PiP.  Their support services have helped me look at my budget and helped me think about how I allocate it inline with his support plan..... I can't say how much better I feel since changing from my old provider to PiP!





E McTaggart, North Ayrshire

Our pricing structure is clear and reflects the amount of support required for each employer:


£2 per week or £104 per year for up to 4 employees

£3 per week or £156 per year for up to 6 employees

£4 per week or £208 per year for up to 8 employees 

£5 per week or £260 per year for up to 10 employees

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