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Managed Account Terms of Service

I hereby authorise Partners in Personalisation CIC to open and operate a bank account in my name for the sole purpose of managing the Direct Payment on my behalf.  The local authority will deposit the Direct Payment into this account.  Partners in Personalisation CIC will pay my employee's wages, make payments to HMRC, make pension contributions (if required) and pay any other agreed invoices from this account.  P


I understand that Partners in Personalisation CIC will process payroll only upon receipt of authorised hours that my workers have completed.  It is my responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the hours my workers have recorded.  By submitting my hours to Partners in Personalisation CIC I am confirming the accuracy of them.




Partners in Personalisation  CIC will complete a full monitoring report to the local authority on my behalf.


Paperless Reporting


Partners in Personalisation CIC operate a paperless reporting system.  A secure, encrypted folder will be opened for you in Dropbox.  Your employer reports will be stored there at each payroll run.




Payslips will be emailed directly to your workers prior to their pay date.


Paying Workers and HMRC


Upon receipt of timesheets for period Partners in Personalisation CIC will process your payroll.  Partners in Personalisation CIC will pay your workers and HMRC on your behalf.


Partners in Personalisation CIC will pay invoices for services relating to your agreed plan and budget.  There are no transaction fees with this agreement.  


Invoicing / Payment


Your first invoice will include a one off set up fee of £189 (or £75 for those switching).  Thereafter, the cost will be £45 per payroll run.  

Administration Costs


Our prices are based on a paperless system.  Should you require payslips to be printed and posted then there will be a charge of £3.00 per payslip.  If you require printed copies of payroll reports then these will also incur an admin fee of £3.00 per pay period. 

Notice of Termination of Agreement


Notice period required to end Payroll Plus greement with Partners in Personalisation CIC is one month.  Notice should be received in writing, email is sufficient.  There will be no additional charges to close account with Partners in Personalisation CIC.  Any outstanding balance should be paid at the end of the notice period.

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