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Female Personal Assistant - £10.90 per hour

3 hrs per week 


Job Ref: PIP-JG

Personal Assistant - KILMARNOCK

The Role:

I am a young man with high-functioning Asperger's Syndrome. I have a variety of interests including computers and the internet. I can drive, play badminton and enjoy walking, travelling, visiting the cinema and theatre, and visiting cafés to socialise over coffee. I often have specialised interests but I am able to talk about a variety of topics.

I live independently and require support to assist with socialising and doing activities in the community, grocery shopping, meal preparation, household chores and other tasks as required. 

Travel to Kilmarnock required. I live walking distance from Kilmarnock public transport stations.



Key Skills:

  • Friendly, good at communicating including use of positive body language and patience.

  • Some basic understanding of Asperger's would be helpful.

  • My Asperger's support needs include that I may find verbal communication difficult, have a preference for routines, and for sensory reasons may find loud noises/strong smells/high temperatures uncomfortable.

  • Sarcasm and idioms are best avoided as I may interpret these literally.



  • £14 per hour (starting pay)

  • 10hrs per week (Mon-Fri hours to be agreed)



The successful candidate will need to provide references and a PVG will be required before starting employment.

The successful candidate will be employed directly by a Personal Employer through a registered PAYE scheme.  All statutory rights apply including paid holidays, statutory sick pay and pension scheme contribution (NEST pensions).  Partners in Personalisation advertise and assist with the recruitment process, we are not the employer nor a recruitment agency.


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