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Privacy Policy



Thank you for visiting our website.  We use cookies on our website.  You can accept or decline cookies.  Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can modify your browser settings to decline cookies if you wish.  We use a free tool from Google Analytics to provide statistical data about the number of visits to our website. This allows us to see if our website and services we offer are easy to find in search engines. Google Analytics provides statistical data such as number of unique visits to each page on the website.  No personal information is required for you to view our website.  By continuing to use our website you agree to the above conditions.  If you would like to receive further information then you can use our “contact us form” and provide your name and email address.  


Partners in Personalisation CIC are a non-profit social enterprise.  We provide a payroll service for our clients who are in receipt of personal budgets from the local authority in order for them to manage their own care and support. We also provide information regarding self-directed support and the choices available.  

We are a payroll bureau service contracted by individual clients to supply this service.   The personal data that we hold is that of our clients and their employees. We do not share this data without the express permission of our client.  We keep personal data secure, only keep for as long as is necessary (in line with statutory guidelines from HMRC), use only for contracted purposes and never sell to 3rdparties.


Our mail client uses TLS Transport Layer Security to encrypt emails whilst in transit.  

Telephone Calls

Telephone calls that come through to our business numbers are not monitored or recorded.  If you leave a message on our voicemail this is actioned then deleted. All calls are answered by Partners in Personalisation CIC employees only.

Social Media

We have a public Facebook page that anyone can view.  We also have a closed group in Facebook for the use of our clients.   We have a public Twitter account that anyone can follow. You can choose whether or not you wish to follow us on Facebook or Twitter and by doing so agree to the terms as set out by Facebook and Twitter.

Backup and Security

We use cloud storage to store personal data, provide backup and off-site storage.  All our devices have personal logins and passwords and do not store personal data.

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