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Support planning

What is a Support plan?

A support plan is the name of a document that details how a person's individual or personal budget will be spent.   


A support plan will describe:


  • what is working and what is not working in your life


  • how you will change your life


  • how you will spend your individual budget to live your life, your way


How we can help - individuals

Once you have been told your indicitive budget you will need to develop a support plan.


A support plan is a unique document highlighting all your hopes and dreams along with your skills and attributes.  It shows how you are going to change your life and what support you need to do this.  It details how the budget is going to be spent. 


We can help design your support plan, involving key people in your life along with the lead professional from Social Work. 


We can do this in the comfort of your own home. 


The charge for this service can be added to your individual budget. 


Please contact us to discuss further.

How we can help - local authorities

We can deliver presentations and workshops on Self Directed Support and the choices available.


We work best in small groups with families allowing us to share stories and experiences.


We have personal experience of managing budgets and using the different options within Self Directed Support. 


Why not contact us to see if can help break down some barriers and with Self Directed Support?


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.




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