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Timesheets Q & A

Q.  When is the payroll processed?

A.  The vast majority of our clients are on 4-weekly payroll processing.  The payroll period starts on a Saturday and ends on a Friday.  We process payroll every week and we will let you know which Payroll group you are in.  We have named them conveniently as Payroll 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Q.  Can you do monthly or weekly payroll?

A.  Yes, we can do weekly, 4-weekly or monthly payroll.  The vast majority of our clients choose 4-weekly processing.  The reason being their Direct Payment tends to be paid out on a 4-weekly basis.

Q.  When are timesheets due?

A.  Timesheets should be completed by each worker and authorised by their employer or nominated person such as a Team Leader or family member.   Timesheets should be sent to us no later than the last day of each payroll period.  

Q.  When will PA's get paid?

A.  Wages are due 7 days after the period end date, i.e. period end (timesheet due) 17/02/2023 = wages due on 24/02/2023.  

Q.  Will you send me timesheets to complete?

A.  We have blank timesheets with pre-filled dates for each payroll period and payroll group.   Alternatively, you can use our online timesheet which once completed are sent directly to us.

Q.  How do I use the online timesheet?

A.  Click on the Online Timesheet button and the timesheet page will open.  Complete all the required information and press submit.  Boxes marked with an * means an entry is required for this box.  If you try and skip it or leave it blank the document will not submit.

Q.  Can I print a blank timesheet?  I'm not very good at online stuff.

A.  We have a blank timesheet which you can either print and fill them in by hand or you can use the "fill & sign" app to complete using a mobile or computer.  Completed timesheets should be emailed to

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